eBGDAE1=82128234567891011121314Verse Have you ever loved a woman0111111115so3much,3uh,016that you tremble in pain?0003111718Have you ev - er loved a313130319wo-man1120So much33you trem-ble in pain?11111321022And all the time you know, uh,01010123332324oh,02she still has another man's name3101113332526Verse 22.But you just,011wo-man0132728so much13it's a shame and a …110…sin2903030You just...333132so much33it's a shame_3303133and a sin.11034When all the time you know01010135she belongs to...001136Have i mentioned any names?00220013738Guitar Solo394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162Verse 3 George Ter-ry please.310063So much3364and you know you can't leave her alone.11111111036566'Cause you just_ love__ that wo-man331031111367and you know you can't leave her alone.___101010111103686970But some-thing deep in - side031313071won't_ let you wreck_ your best3131100172friend's 1home.______1731087412875767778Change tuning (R)