eBGDAE1=760340505544210340505532Verses 1 & 2034051)Give me352)54one more chance to make itsun wont shine and 859 it re-3555up to you.fused to rain.9875Give meAnd i356one more chance to show whatbanged my head,9593but i557I can do.feel no pain.9875Let meWhen i358prove to youtell myself that i 979could3that my559love is strong.start a new,9975Won't youbut i5510come back home,know darn well959it all de-3that's where5511Chorusyoupends on you.9be - long975Oh, ba -…12…by, won't you121213give me one more chance?333310101010555512108814Won't you151give me one more chance?333333331010101010101010555516034050551703405055180340505519034052) Well, the3055202give me one more chance?3333333310101010101010105555921Instrumental/SoloInstrumental17001400120121088226x1212141212129122346352424777774425260340505527103405055282Verses 3 & 4034053)So if you35529hear me say___one more chance859to make it3do not5530change your mind and give aup to you.9875Give me3531thought to me, i won't beone more chance to9593show what5532hard to find.i can do.9875And iLet me3533prom - ise youprove to you979i'll do the3that my5534best i can.love is strong9975Change myWont you5535e - vil ways,come back home,959and be your3that's where5536lovin' man.9you belong975Oh, baby,…12…won't you371238give me one more chance?333310101010555512108839Wont you401give me one more chance?33333333101010101010101055554103405055420340505543034050554403404)5So give me 305545Outrogive me one more333310101010555512chance?108846Won't you47give me one more333333101010101010555chance.5550001248049
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