Standard (EADGBE)

Something told me it was over

when I saw you and her talking,

Something deep down in my soul said, ´Cry Girl´,

when I saw you and that girl, walking out.

I would rather, I would rather go blind boy,

Than to see you, walk away from me child, and all.

Ooooo So you see, I love you so much

That I don't want to watch you leave me baby,

Most of all, I just don't, I just don't want to be free no

I was just, I was just, I was just sitting here thinking

Of your kisses and your warm embrace, yeah,

When the reflection in the glass that I held to my lips now baby,

Revealed the tears that was on my face, yeah.

And baby, baby, I would rather be blind boy

Than to see you walk away, see you walk away from me, yeah

Baby, baby, baby, I'd rather be blind now