eBGDAE1=147442345678910111213141516171819202122232425This ever changing world2627ever changing me 2829It feels new pathways 3031for my soul to see (soul to see) 3233It lights so bright, so bright 3435in your eyes (your eyes) 3637Casting off the shadows 3839that darken your mind4041Shine it brighter than the sun 4243blinding every eye I was4445Fires burning inside me 4647blinding lights for all to see4849To shine brighter 50515253To shine brighter 54555657585960This storm will rage me to end 6162before the dawn 6364This star is bright 6566before the end is come 6768It lights so bright,6970so bright in your eyes 7172Casting off shadows that 7374shrouded your ... eyes7576Shine it brighter than the sun7778blinding every eye I was7980Fires burning inside me 8182blinding lights for all to see8384To shine brighter8586(than the sun) 8788To shine brighter (of what's to come) 89909192Supernova 9394Supernova 9596Supernova 979899100101102An ever changing world 103104ever changing me 105106This ever changing world 107108ever changing me 109110An ever changing world 111112ever changing me113114Reveals new pathways 115116for my soul to see 117118Eternally 119120Shine it brighter than the sun121122blinding every eye I was123124Fires burning inside me 125126blinding lights for all to see127128To shine brighter 129130(than the sun) 131132To shine brighter (of what's to come) 133134135136To shine brighter 137138(burning)139140To shine brighter 141142(burn)143144To shine brighter 145146(burning) 147148To shine brighter 149150(burn) 15112121212121212152Supernova 1212121212121215312121212121212154Supernova 1212121212121215517171717171717156Supernova 17171717171717157191919191919191919191919191915819191919191919191919191919191591919160Change tuning (R)