eBGDAE1=1204423456789101112131415Verse 1My wounds are from your torture14114164117Pain and sufferin' cos your lies1411418419An I've been crying late at night cos 114682064321You were never there for me111114122I123cried4312425ChorusI never cared for you6646264127I never gave a damn about you6646462844129I never cared for you664643031I never wanna hear you crap again at my door…6646463244121331213134353637Verse 2These feelings of torture14114384139Resonating from your eyes1411440441I've been cryin late at night cos114684264343you were never there for me111114144But145now4314647ChorusI never cared for you6646484149I never gave a damn about you6646465044151I never cared for you664645253I never wanna hear you crap again6646465444121555657Solo58596061626364656667686970Fade out7172737475Change tuning (R)