Standard (EADGBE)


Come and see look on this mystery the lord of the universe nailed to a tree

Christ our God spilling his holy blood bowing in anguish his sacred head


Sing to Je-sus Lord of our shame Lord of our sinful hearts

he is our great Re-deem-er

Sing to Jesus honor his name sing of his faithfulness pouring his life out

un----to death


Come you weary and he will give you rest come you who mourn lay on his

breast Christ who died risen in paradise giver of mercy giver of life


Sing to Jesus his is the throne now and forever

He is the king of hea---ven

Sing to Je--sus we are his own now and forever sing for the love our God

has shone

Chords: (read vertically)

4fret 2fret 2fret

-OO--- xx-O-- --OO-- ------ ------ ------ --O--- -OOO--