Standard (EADGBE)

Gonna miss this simple town full of memories

Gonna miss just hangin' out with all my friends

The rainy days and summer nights

Skippin' stones by the riverside and I know

It's time to go

So, here's goodbye here's so long

I must go and follow love

I feel my heart movin' on

I must go and follow love

Carry on while I'm gone

This is what I've been dreamin' of

I'll miss you so, But I must go,

Go and follow love

Got a heart that's full of dreams, and a little bit of crazy

I can feel it pullin' me to somewhere I have never been

I'm packin' up and leavin' home

To travel into the great unknown

It's time, I have to go


And we're not guaranteed tomorrow

So we must just keep on livin' for today

And make the most of every moment,

Every step along the way

(repeat chorus)