Fionn Regan - Protection Racket Chords

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I forgot to mention that grandmas pension

Will ease the rent book tension

The rest of the song follows a regular pattern, and you should figure out the

strumming pattern. I've tabbed everything you need to know.

A little birdie told me you've been syphoning the poor box

I heard the knitting circle disscusing chubb locks

Whats all the commotion? what do they expect?

With no sign of a promotion I've lost my self respect

You see I built this heap from scratch when I was poor

now they're asking me to hoover the floor

Splash some water over me slap round the face

Did I miss a meeting I don't recognise the place

The plug in the socket burns a hole in the pocket

These big companies are giving us the squeeze

Lets raise our glasses to mr. onassis

Protection racket (hand over the packet)

Rome needs cement (in this event)

Go over to the till katie (the national)

Pay this man his rent

it's a standard procedure

| / slide up

| \ slide down

| h hammer-on

| p pull-off

| ~ vibrato

| + harmonic

| x Mute note