d#A#F#C#G#D#1=964423456172It seems I4658just can't do enough 42211I could nev-1149-er win your love2211Why sould I try114410When you never share your feel-211114411-ings?2How could I11412be so naive?2212Is it so11413hard to believe2212that you excell114414in emotional conceal-211114415-ing2No416matter what I do I never11142212mea-417-sure up to you241118You just keep that smile on 1311221your3119face1No matter41120 how much I try 1142you're never real-212421-ly sa- -tisfield241122untill you runaway11121and hi- -de12423In your per-421-fect world2424where there's no one to blame14221125No one can hurt your feel-11111122444426ings22and you don't feel no pain42133127And everybody loves144178952215418441728you2215and nobody gets burned14221129As long as you are liv-11111224444let ring30-ing22In your perfect2133 world13132It seems like46533Everyone gets screened on your422521534answering machine42212can't take the call164635and let down466your defens-164436-es6You can't let46137anybody see42252your real1538per- sona-462-li- -ty16Is it pride64639or just your false pretens-66164440-es?64May be a66441part of you has died11142because you keep212442it all44inside2143Still you wear that smile11142on your13144face1It seems no41145matter11what I do142I just can't12446get through to you241147but I always know11112where to find112448you4In your perfect world4212449where nothing can go wrong14221150You're always in control1111112244445122and we all get along42133152And everything is 1441789522154184417…beautiful532215no need for concern14221154as long as you are liv-1111122444455-ing22In your perfect world2133156575859606162636465666768697071Maybe a42172part of you has died11142because you keep212473it all inside2411Is it1374hard to keep that smile on your1114211375face?1It seems no41176matter what I do 11142I just can't12477get through to you241178But I always know11112where to find112479you...280In your perfect world4212481where there's no one to blame14221182No one can hurt your feel-11111122444483-ings22and you don't feel no pain2133684and everybody loves441744172215418441785you2215418and nobody gets burned14221186As long as you are liv-11111122444487ing22In your perfect world442618224488where nothing can go wrong14221189you're always in control3121122444290and we all get along42133191And everything is beautiful144178982215445441792no need for concern44176764221193As long as you are liv-13111122444494-ing22In your perfect world21131959697