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eBGDAE1=60442345678910I need someone's hands912full121010311to lead me through the night1012full1212full1012I need someone's arms1012full12101013to hold me and squeeze me tight1012101212full1210314And when the night begins10121012full1214315and I'm at the end1012full121012316That's when I need your love so bad10121012½1012111031718I need some lips912full121010319to feel close to mine1012full1212full1020I need someone to stand up1012full12101021and tell me when I'm lying1012101212full1210322And when the lights are low10121012full1214323and it's time to go1012full121012324That's when I need your love so bad10121012½101211103251112full26So why don't you give it up12101210103327and bring it on home to me10121012½12103328or write it on a piece of paper baby11101210121012full121012329so it can be read to me12full12101212½12103330tell me that you love me12full12full12full121012full12331stop driving me mad12full12full121012332Cause I need your love so bad11101212½1012½12½121012333334Need a soft voice912full121010335to talk to me at night1012full1212full1036I don't want you to worry1012full12101037everything's gonna be allright1012101212full1210338Listen to my plea10121012full1214339bring it on home to me12full121012340Cause I need your love so bad10121012½10121110341424344454647484950Change tuning (R)