Standard (EADGBE)



I feel your eyes crawling over me

As though I am something more than me

But I don't have anything good enough to say

I did not make myself this way


I'll show you what he did

But I won't take the credit

It's not mine anyway

I just held the pen that day


And I don't deserve this

This time right now

It's not something for which I can take the bow

And I don't deserve this

It wasn't me

I can't take glory for something that I can't be

I don't deserve this

I know what perfection is like

And I cannot stand before its might

And I'm so far from what you think that I must be

I just drown myself in mercy

(Pre-Chorus, Chorus)


And all the art that I supposedly create

Is simply a faded reflection of something he's already made