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eBGDAE1=934423He needs a quiet room55554755With a lock to keep him in555675787it's just a quiet room55558759and510hes4there511He plays an old guitar5555127513with a coin found by…555…the phone14757815it was his friends guitar5555167517that he played518451920mmmmm mmmm (hums)752152275782352475255264527Hes never been in love5555287529but he knows just…555…what love is30757831he says nevermind55783275233and534no one speaks45535He thinks he drinks too much55553675375Cuz when he tells his 2 best friends55538757839"I think i drink too much"555540754142no one speaks4554344no one speaks4554546no one spea...4554748..eaks7549Hums55075785155275535544555He plays an old guitar5555567557with a coin found by the phone55558757859it was his friends guitar5555607561that562he4played563when564he4plays56566no one speaks4556768no one speaks45569when he plays570457172no one speaks4557374Change tuning (R)