Standard (EADGBE)

Riff 2

Riff 1 and 2 are almost the same, but riff one goes back to the verse, where as Riff 2

into the chorus and is D Major.


Early morning without warning, woke me with a scare

i had that dream aga----ain

Riff 1

that the sun was dead.

Make me warm or take me home, its so cold in here

cant we meet somewhe----re

Riff 1

is it winter there

Riff 1

is it winter there

Riff 2

this winter


Meet me in the summer time

We can move the air

Sweet Virginia countryside


I will meet you then

Blood red lips and cherry wine

Moonshine in your hair

Just keep staring at the sun


Pray for Summer's end

Verse 2

Come on over break my storm Oceans overhead

Come inside my frie----end

Riff 1

In the night out there

Every moment we have stolen All we had to share

No one wanted tha----t

Riff 1

but you know I did

Riff 1

you know I did

Riff 2

this moment

Then Chorus x 1

Then solo

Riff 2

Then Chorus x 1

Then Dave sings "meet me in the summer time" and at the end of that play Riff 2, twice.

Then Chorus x 1 and finish on Dsus2

Listen for the timing and such. Its only the chord changes rather than the exact guitar parts.

| / slide up

| \ slide down

| hammer-on

| p pull-off

| ~ vibrato

| + harmonic

| x Mute note