eBGDAE1Intro=135242443456Verse 1Sleeping on a planner at the222220227port authority000208waiting for my bus to come0224242910Seven scotch and sodas at the2222202211office party now I00020212don't remember where I'm from022424213I think I had a2424214PreChBlack wallet in my2424215Back pocket with a2424216Bus ticket and a2424217Picture of my baby inside222224241874and if I24219Make it home alive I'm gonna2324242420Chorus 1Get my shit together25724214'cause I can't42422Live like this forever25724234you know42424Come too far and I don't wanna flip25742254242I've got a42426new computer and a25424227Bright future in sales2424228Yeah Yeah2429Bright future in sales2424230Yeah Yeah2431Yeah Yeah2432Verse 2Heading for the airport on a2222202233misty morning0002gonna0234catch a flight to Baltimore02242423536Try to kill an hour with the2222202237whisky-sour0002if there's0238time I might have just one more022424239I gotta do some2424240PreChquick reading for the2424241big meeting but my2424242head is spinning and I2422443Can't quite open my eyes2224244474as long as24245I don't have to drive I'm gonna2324242446Chorus 2Get my shit together25724474'cause I can't42448Live like this forever25724494you know42450Come too far and I don't wanna flip25742514242I've got a42452new compuer and a25424253Bright future in sales2424254Yeah Yeah2455Bright future in sales2424256Yeah Yeah2457Bright future in sales2424258Yeah Yeah2459Bright future in sales2424260Yeah Yeah2461Yeah Yeah2462BridgeI had a line4444on a brand new account44634422but now I42464Can't seem to find where I wrote that number down3242426523242full66I try to focus44444I'm staring at the…2…screen6744422Pretending like I know what all these2683324244469little flashing lights mean3334327071Ow yeah4272Solo73747576777879I gotta do some2424280PreChquick reading for the2424281big meeting but my2424282head is spinning and I2422483Can't quite open my eyes22235584858642487Chorus 3Get my shit together25724884'cause I can't42489Live like this forever25724904you know42491Come too far and I don't wanna flip25742924242I've got a42493new compuer and a25424294Bright future in sales2424295Yeah Yeah2496Bright future in sales2424297Yeah Yeah2498Bright future in sales2424299Yeah Yeah24100Bright future in sales24242101Yeah Yeah24102Yeah Yeah24103Change tuning (R)