eBGDAE1Intro=135442345Verse 1I know this girl named Denise888787867She makes me weak in the knees888787889She drives a lavender Lexus8887878108She lives in Queens888118but her dad lives in Texas88787812813Prechorus14Th' way she holds me36831516I can't help myself3681031718Won't you tell me,3686519do you love me Denise?551055620Ohwhohoh3full21Do you love me Denise,551055622oh baby tell me please3353123Chorus10242526Oh baby tell me please3353127102829Interlude30313233Verse 2I heard she used to be married888787834835She listens to Puff Daddy88877836837She works at Liberty Travel8887878388She has a88839heart made of78740gravel8841PreChorus42She controls me36834344She can't help herself3681034546Won't you tell me,3686547do you love me Denise?551055648Ohwhohoh3full49Do you love me Denise,551055650oh baby tell me please3353151Chorus10525354Oh baby tell me please3353155105657585960Oh baby tell me please3353161106263Solo6465666768697071727374Oh baby tell me please3353175Chorus10767778Oh baby tell me please33531791080Oh baby tell me please335318110828384Do you love me Denise?68118688586878889