eBGDAE1Verse 1=146Driving on the lawn024044223Sleeping on the roof2452445Drinking all the alcohol02356352789All the kids from school2631035fullwill be naked in the pool35112520012While our parents are on0313203314fire island0301531617Verse 2Cranking up the tunes024018219'Til the windows break245220421Feeding chocolate to the dog023522352232425Jumping on the couch2632635full'Til the feathers all come out35272520028While our parents are…03…on29203330fire island03031332Wer're old enough by now333Chorus5236534to take care of…0…eachother352352036037We don't need no babysitter023653831339We don't need no father and mother23537405320We're old enough by…3…now415236542Don't worry 'bout a thing04323525fullfull4445Don't you remember,3332046last december,3320when you went to steamboat…02…springs473320483249505152Solo535455565758596061626364656667Wer're old enough by…3…now68Chorus5236569to take care of eachother0702352071072We don't need no babysitter023657331374We don't need no father and mother23537755320We're old enough by now3765236577Don't worry 'bout a thing07823525fullfull7980Don't you remember,3332081last december,3320when you went to steamboat springs02823320833284858687Verse 3Driving on the lawn024088289Sleeping on the roof245290491Drinking all the alcohol023592352939495All the kids from school2639635fullwill be naked in the pool35972520098While our parents are…03…on992033100fire island0301013102Change tuning (R)