eBGDAE1Intro/Verse 1=98I wanna sink2242426To the bottom with you424676443I wanna sink22446To the bottom with you4246765The ocean is big and blue4664246767I just wanna sink222486To the bottom with you4246769Cars on the highway202010Chorus 142Planes in the air467611Everyone else is20201242Going somewhere467613But I'm going nowhere220201442Getting there soon467156I might as well just20201642Sink down with you467617I wanna sink22418Verse 26To the bottom with you42467619I wanna sink224206To the bottom with you42467621The ocean is big and blue422642467623I just wanna sink2224246To the bottom with you42467625I just wanna202026Interlude27282930313233Out on the highway202034Chorus 242Up in the air467635Everyone else is 20203642Going somewhere467637They're going nowhere20203842And I'll be there too4467639I might as well go20204042Under with you46764142I wanna sink22443Verse 36To the bottom with you42467644I wanna sink224456To the bottom with you42467646The ocean is big and blue447642467648I just wanna sink2224496To the bottom with you42467650I wanna sink224516To the bottom with you42467652I wanna sink224536To the bottom with you42467654The ocean is big and blue455642467656I just wanna sink2224576To the bottom with you42467658I just wanna202059Interlude60I just wanna20206162I just wanna20206364I just wanna20206566I just wanna202067Outro686970717273747576Change tuning (R)