Freddie Hart - The Keys In The Mail Box Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo


D Oh the keys in the mail box come on G in What I'm A7 setting here wishing dear I had your love D again And I'll never even ask you, where you G been Oh the A7 keys in the mail box come on D in

Verse 1

D Oh jealous me, and careless you The A7 odds were just too great And I couldn't take, those lonely nights You made me sit and D wait I thought I'd seen the last of you When A7 you walked out of sight Instead I see you in my dreams at D night REPEAT CHORUS: So (instead of Oh)

Verse 2

D Well I said I'd rather live alone Than A7 share your company And I said don't come around at all If you want, more than D me But sitting here alone, I can't A7 deny this way that burns I'd gladly take you back on any D terms REPEAT CHORUS: TAGG: G OH the A7 keys in the mail box come on D in

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