eBGDAE1IntroI'm not wishing anymore=91442I'm not writing songs for you3I sleep better in the dark4I'm not doing this for you5VerseThis is because of you I don't believe6Tongue tied an institute of my relief7You're my8my reason to shame9I'm not wishing……anymore10I'm not writing songs for you11I sleep better in the dark12I'm not doing this for you13This is because of you I don't believe14Tongue tied an institute of my relief15Interlude16171819ChorusOne wish that this is over2021You are all I waste……today2223Will it tear you apart?2425When I turn and walk away26Tempo Change=842728293031323334=9135ChorusOne wish that this is…36…over37You are all I waste today3839Will it tear you apart?4041When I turn and walk away42Re-IntroI'm not holding onto this43I'm not wasting words on you44I sleep alone in spite of it45I'll do anything for you46VerseThis is because of you I feel…47Tongue tied to investigate what I……relief…believe48You're my49my reason to blame50I'm not holding onto this51I'm not wasting words on you52I sleep alone in spite of it53I'll do anything for you=6554SlowdownThis is because of you I feel relief55Tongue tied to investigate what I believe56You're my57my reason to…=70…blame58Outro Interlude=91596061=8062