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d#A#F#C#G#D#1=1484423456789101112131415161718192021222324252627Verse 1 ( 3/4)Do you remember the…00234…day28875529When living was meant to be free?777787307531Not looking for fortune000232Not looking for fame8755 The beauty of life was the key53377778734735(4/4)We lived as one to conquer the world77777944361097737A thousand dreams to come true99912109387full39We knew in the end we'll find7679401097741The meaning of life and the truth9999109429So643Bridgeproud and full of passion88754474We formed a better world4455531463We fought against oppression0471424834And wisdom was our sword649998650851On the path of glory88755274We453searched the rainbow's end553154355Lives meant to share142563Where's the sign that we'd sent?46579986588On the sad wings of destiny859Chorus9101260121010We're kings without a throne96177910629If763you believe in unity 557964944believe4655'cause…9…you're not alone66975767Sad wings of destiny9101268121010The …9…haunting thoughts of pain6977910709The world's a patient 771557972majesty9710but, believe75734The Time47435The …78…Time will take its toll7557573523765777879808182838485868788Verse 2Now its the time for a change00234898755The days of your childhood are gone590777787917592The fool and the wise man0002938Will burn at the stake'75594 Confusion remaining too long77778795796Violence and hate, I won't 7777794497see anymore10977The…7…innocent victims of fate9899912109997fullThe prophets have written710077777Their…9…words on the wall10110977102Wake up before it's too late99991091039104BridgeOn the path of glory887510574We4106searched the rainbow's end55311073108Lives meant to share1421093Where's the sign that we'd sent?4611099861118On the…8…sad wings of destiny112Chorus91012113121010We're kings without a throne9114779101159If7116you believe in unity 5579117944believe41185'cause you're not alone91199757120Sad wings of destiny91012121121010The haunting thoughts of pain9122779101239The …7…world's a patient 1245579125majesty9710but, believe751264 Believe41275If you won't change your mind81287757129(All will remain the same)38810121301085And soon31315 we'll find a common end121321010871335134135136137138139140141Solo 134142143144145146147148149Solo2150151152153154155156157Harmoney Solo4415815916016116216316416516616716816917017117217317417517617717817918018118218318488751857441865531187301881421893461909986191881929101219312101091947791019597196557919794441985199975720091012201121010920277910203972045579205971075206442075820877572095210872115821277572133881012214108532153578216575735232178218102191010½2208221222223224225226227228229230=70231=1481 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add comment23 Add comment24 Add comment25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add comment29 Add comment30 Add comment31 Add comment32 Add comment33 Add comment34 Add comment35 Add comment36 Add comment37 Add comment38 Add comment39 Add comment40 Add comment41 Add comment42 Add comment43 Add comment44 Add comment45 Add comment46 Add comment47 Add comment48 Add comment49 Add comment50 Add comment51 Add comment52 Add comment53 Add comment54 Add comment55 Add comment56 Add comment57 Add comment58 Add comment59 Add comment60 Add comment61 Add comment62 Add comment63 Add comment64 Add comment65 Add comment66 Add comment67 Add comment68 Add comment69 Add comment70 Add comment71 Add comment72 Add comment73 Add comment74 Add comment75 Add comment76 Add comment77 Add comment78 Add comment79 Add comment80 Add comment81 Add comment82 Add comment83 Add comment84 Add comment85 Add86 Add comment87 Add comment88 Add comment89 Add comment90 Add comment91 Add comment92 Add comment93 Add comment94 Add comment95 Add comment96 Add comment97 Add comment98 Add comment99 Add comment100 Add comment101 Add 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