eBGDAEBlet ring1[Intro]=924383114133411034423133134let ring3383114133110643133135[Verse 1]3All around me are familiar…11311…faceslet ring61181187Worn out places1081088Worn out faces313313let ring93Bright and early for the daily races113111011811811Going nowhere108108let ring12Going nowhere31331313Their tears are filling up their glasses31131114118118let ring15No expression10810816No expression313313173Hide my head I wanna drown my…11311…sorrowlet ring1811811819No tomorrow10810820No tomorrow321[Chorus]13And I find it kind of funny411221341122let ring2263131927I find it kind of sad6313192723The dreams in which I'm dying134112213411222463are the best I've ever had13192763131927let ring2513I find it hard to tell you4112213411222663I find it hard to take131927631319272713When people run in circles it's a very very41122134112228133let ring294133896811068Ma-46319-ad4110world3303133134let ring31383114Ma-133-ad411world63231331333[Verse 2]3Children waiting for the11311let ring34day they feel good11811835Happy birthday10810836Happy birthday313313let ring37And I feel the way that every child should3113113811811839Sit and listen108108let ring40Sit and listen31331341Went to school and I was very nervous31131142118118let ring43No one knew me10810844No one knew me31331345Hello teacher tell me311311let ring46what's my lesson11811847Look right through me10810848Look right through me1349[Chorus]13And I find it kind of funny411221341122let ring5063131927I find it kind of sad6313192751The dreams in which I'm dying134112213411225263are the best I've ever had13192763131927let ring5313I find it hard to tell you4112213411225463I find it hard to take131927631319275513When people run in circles it's a very very41122134112256133let ring574133896811068Ma-46319-ad4110world3583133134let ringlet ring59383114Ma-133-ad411world660313313461311Enlarging your world311615let ring6286786763=6043981108Ma-631-ad4110world3643Change tuning (R)