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eBGDAE1Intro=13744234567VerseOpen your eyes3332To the228Millions of lies0003That they339Tell you every day000201011Open your mind3332To the2212Clever Disguise0003That the3313Advertisement say0002014But015Pre ChorusHow Do they know142416What's good for you?5574171819ChorusWake Up32Wake up32201Oooh, oh32212Oooooh3532A022Shot through the head3230They're Better off dead0233532Will you0024Wake up32Wake up3225Oooh, oh32Destroy all the land026Verse3332And227kill what you can0003Just to3328Make the profits rise000202930Sell you from birth3332For231all that you're worth0003The332Money spreads like lies0002033And234How do they know102035Pre-ChorusWhats good for you?1130363738ChorusWake Up32Wake up3239Oooh, oh3240Wake Up32Wake up3241Oooooh3532A042Shot through the head3230They're…0…Better off dead433532Will you0044Wake up32Wake up3245Oooh, oh3246InterludeScreaming…47484950Break5152Don't want to hate you010253054Don't want to blame it all on you000355101056Out of options10257058If you don't look ill force you to001359102060If you don't look i'll force you to000361102062IF YOU DON'T LOOK022263ILL FORCE YOU TO!02226465ChorusWake Up32Wake up3266Oooh, oh3267Wake Up32Wake up3268Oooooh3532A069Shot through the head3230They're Better off dead0703532Will you0071Wake up32Wake up3272Oooh, oh3273Open your eyes32327475Open your eyes35327677OutroScreams78Screams79Screams80Screams81Change tuning (R)