eBGDAE1=15044234567891011121314151617VERSE 1do718y o u l i s t e n 777t o y o u r s e l f?57197never720l i v e f o r s o m e o n e7975721else7do722y o u l i k e t h e w a y y o u7775723feel7n o t h i n g7247hurts when no-one's975725real7and726she wants to shake this scene77757277yeah she wants to shake with 728799121429me14shes730n o t l o o k i ng f o r t h e h o l e s i n 777573177a l l t h e l i e s7573233i734wanna bullet proof your7775735soul7would736you like to lose 7975control?7377i 738won't let you fall 7775until739y o u t e l l m e775740so41PRE-CHORUSwhat 99are99we?9942what ya wanna be...9777943e v e r y9999t h i n …99…g44that ya wanna be...9777945all99i99need...9946right in front of me...9777947i v'e k n o w n b e f o r e47448249CHORUS 1would you121250come my151451way?1552(15)53or did you12121254b u r n o u t t o t h e15171714let ring55end?125657would you121258come my151459way?1560(15)(15)should've151561listened when you 1715141462called14my1463name156465Intro riff6667686970717273and774VERSE 2s h e w a n t s t o7777tear5you775down7then776she leaves without 7975a777sound7its778like falling backwards7775779i n t o n o - o n e s7775780arms781cos782you're a bullet through my77775783soul7and784i'll never l e t y o u7975785know7i786won't let you fall7775u n - t i l7877you let it go77578889PRE-CHORUSwhat 99are99we?9990what ya wanna be...9777991e v e r y9999t h i n g9992that ya wanna be...9777993all99i99need...9994right in front of me...9777995i v'e k n o w n b e f o r e47496297CHORUS 2would you121298come my151499way?15100let ring101or did you121212102b u r n o u t t o t h e15171714103end?12104105would you1212106come my1514107way?15108(15)(15)should've1515109listened when you 17151414110called14my14111name15112113GUITAR SOLO114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129Outro choruswould you1212130come my1514131way?15132(15)133or did you121212let ring134b u r n o u t t o t h e15171714135end?12136137would you1212138come my1514139way?15140(15)(15)should've1515141listened when you 17151414142called14my14143name15144(15)(15)should've1515145listened when you 17151414146called14my14147name15148(15)(15)should've1515149listened when you 17151414150called14my14151name15152Change tuning (R)