eBGDAE1=1204423456789you're a precious girl77871011in a fragile shell77871213with a rose coloured skin77787148715and a roses smell777871617your long golden hair121213121819reflecting the light121212121072021your emerald eyes223222twinkle like…22…stars in the night2322225224225your smile52412426shines brighter than the sun4124415227242829your smile52412430shines brighter than the sun4124415231243233you are my queen99734635choose who is worthy of you99736646737you are my queen99738639your warm heart's shining through99740646741you are my queen1111124211I forgive and forget……whatever you do4342442444202454647your body divine777874849from me you don't hide777875051the flame of desire77787528753that is burning inside7777875455your ivory hands121213125657opened me the gate1212121075859to the meaning of life223260where love…22…conquers hate6122225262263your smile21464shines brighter than the sun14126546667your smile52412468shines brighter than the sun4124415269247071you are my queen99772673choose who is worthy of you99774646775you are my queen99776677your warm heart's shining through99778646779you are my queen1111128011I forgive and forget……whatever you do81424424822028384858687888990your smile21491shines brighter than the sun14129249394your smile52412495shines brighter than the sun4124415296249798you are my queen997996100choose who is worthy of you9971016467102you are my queen9971036104your warm heart's shining through9971056467106you are my queen11111210711108you are my queen9971096110choose who is worthy of you9971116467112you are my queen9971136114your warm heart's shining through9971156467116you are my queen111112117111181197you're a precious girl7787120Change tuning (R)