Standard (EADGBE)

E 0221--

Verse 1

Staring out of my window

Watching the cars go rolling by

My friends are gone

I've got nothing to do

So I sit here patiently

Watching the clock tick so slowly

Gotta get away

Or my brains will explode


Give me something to do to kill some time

Take me to that place that I call home

Take away the strains of being lonely

Take me to the tracks at Christie Road

Verse 2

See the hills from afar

Standing on my beat up car

The sun went down and the night fills the sky

Now I feel like me once again

As the train comes rolling in

Smoked my boredom gone

Slapped my brains up so high



Mother stay out of my way of that place we go

We'll always seem to find our way to Christie Road

...Repeat that once...

If there's one thing that I need that makes me feel complete

So I go to Christie Road

It's's home

It's's home

it's home