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eBGDAE1Intro=145442345Verse 1Jimmy saw the sun chase away the night333363333173It was a quarter past seven3338666439His body33110Warm like the morning light33331113Had to be in school by eleven3333126664313He told himself what they had done to him33314333131315That's why3316Jimmy never felt real sad111143173If only someone could have lent a hand333183331192Things320Would never have gotten so bad1113321Pre-ChorusWho knows why3223323Black flies just live for one day23124231253Who knows…3…why263327Chorus 1Hey3Turn around31328It's time to wake up and go back to tell the story33131302933333013331Hey3Turn around31332It's time to wake up and go back to tell the story33131303333333413335Now33637Verse 2Always sat alone3333383In the back of the class33331393Because no one would take him33406664341Today he stood in…33…front of the rest4233331433Yeah3His344Hands were shaking664345Who could have known what jimmy thought33346333131347Never had a chance to…3333…speak his words out loud48111143493The flies were33350Burning in his head3331512Untill352Jimmy11Let them all out13353Pre-ChorusWho knows why3543355Black flies just live for one day23156231573Who knows…3…why583359Chorus 2Hey3Turn around31360It's time to wake up and go back to tell the story33131306133336213363Hey3Turn around31364It's time to wake up and go back to tell the story33131306533336613367Now3I didn't pay to make fun of him3336831331369BridgeToo late to say I'm sorry33370113171No one would ever make fun of him3337231331373You and I all the time633741575Solo37677787980818283InterludeCome with me33842Take my hand25853I will tell you when…33…you're there862225873Come with me 33882Take my hand25893I will tell you when you're there3390222591Chorus 3/Outro3Come with me33922Take my hand25933I will tell you when you're there33942225953Come with me33962Take my hand25973I will3398Tell you when you're there2225993Come with me631003Take my hand361015I will tell you when you're there3310222251033Come with me631043Take my hand361055I will tell you when you're there3310622251073Come with me631083Take my hand361095I will tell you when…33…you're there11022251113112113Tell you when you're there222511431153Change tuning (R)
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