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d#A#F#C#G#D#1=85442108531310485315861087538319First VerseWhen all is said and done55531510We're not the only ones3313175311Who look at life this way55531512That's what the old folk say331313But every time…56…I'd see them makes me wish136635531514I had a gun5513If I thought35615that I was crazy66353Well I guess I'd have more fun131655568117Guess I'd have more fun555681185full196565205344½4½43121Chorus4½The catcher in the rye again55551224½33Ooooh103230Wont let you get away from him00030524(5)33325262728Heavy BridgeYou decide63329I don't have to655330There they'll find563331I wont ask you6553At any time8327333How long they're out there3336553Is it cold outside53734(7)333as335I'm imagining65532½365371It to10be238(2)½53910½405341424344Synth Bridge45464748Na na na581012496full6full5105053full351135½56552Solo5354555657585960615full626565635344½4½43164ChorusOoooh4½The catcher in the rye again55551654½33Ooooh103660Wont let you get away from him00030567(5)3336869Second VerseWhen all is said and done55531570We're not the only ones3313175371Who look at life this way55531572That's what the young folk say33131373As if they'd ever change555315374That's what we might have said331313But every56756time I'd see them makes me wish635531576I had a gun5513If I thought that I was…356…crazy77663108Well I guess I'd have more fun6878555681Cause what…88…used to be's not there for me7910885533and380Ought to find someone555331That belonged11681insane88253like I do55383Na na na14½38458586331863565874½3884½4½893133190356On an…55…ordinary day91Outro53311Not in an ordinary way5319201353All at1093once this song I heard35131No longer would it play59453311For anybody5656955Or anyone553963That needed comfort555597from somebody33113Needed comfort…311…from someone983566Who cared86995to be53100Not like you8641015Unlike me54½31021And then the voices turned away66665315103from me83104Somebody set the wheels in motion556510533113And haunts36106our memories5651You were the instrument6686107Outro Solo55You were the one86510853How a body took a body35310913531And gave16110that boy a gun5651You took our innocence668111655Beyond our stares865(0)112353Sometimes we only think we got it all5533113135313When no-one561145else is there65165115531163117863311183524Change tuning (R)
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