d#A#F#C#G#D#1=1701424434567Yi -2i -2i -2i289ooh4Don't210Chorusdamn me when I speak5224511a piece of mind,5242'cause si -2412lence isn't golden when I'm424442213holding it inside.22242'Cause I've been22214where I Have been an I've seen252224515what I have seen.4242I put the22216pen to the paper 'cause it's422442217all a part of me.22242181st VerseBe it a song4244or a2219casual conversation to hold2224222420my tonguw speaks of242221quiet reservations. Your words2224222422once heard, they can242223place you in a faction.222422My words2424may disturd, but at2442225least there's a reaction.22242226272829Ooh,7oh530yeah.2Ooh,731oh432yeah233Some - 2342nd Versetimes I wanna kill.22522Sometimes2535I wanna die.5242Sometimes I22236wanna destroy.4424Sometimes2237I wanna cry.2242Some - 238times I could get even.225222Sometimes4539I could give up.5242Sometimes2440I could give.2424Sometimes4241i never give a fuck.22252It's242only for while.23333I243hope you understand.23333I never33244wanted this to happen, didn't4552555445wanna be a man.44422So I2246hid inside my world.23323I247took what I could find23323I448cried when I was lonely.455252I fell5249down when I was blind.55544But don't2250Chorusdamn me when I speak5224551a piece of mind,5242'cause si -2452lence isn't golden when I'm424442253holding it inside.22242'Cause I've been22254where I Have been an I've seen252224555what I have seen.4242I put the22256pen to the paper 'cause it's422442257all a part of me.22242583rd VerseHow can I244ev - 259ver satisfy you?2242460An how can I2244ev - 261er make you see that,2242462deep inside we're all2441263somebody?222An364it don't matter who you42441265wanna be.242But266now I gotta smile.23333I267hope you comprehend.23333For this3268man can say it happened 'cause this4552555469child has been condemned. So I444222270stepped into your world.23323I271kicked you in the mind.23323An472I'm the only witness to the4552525273nature of my crime.55544But look2274at what we've done to the2524575innocent and young.55242Whoa,276listen to who's talking, 'cause we're4424442277not the only ones.22242The trash2278collected by the eyes and252224579dumped into the brain.54242 Said, it2280tears into our consious thoughts, you4422442281tell me who's to blame.=1202224282Bridge (tempo 120)=120I know you don't253283wanna hear my cry - 2252284ing.48586An I know you don't2253287wanna hear my deny225222888990that your satisfac - 2223291tion lieas in your il - 2522292lusions.249394But your delu - 223295sions are yours an not2252296mine.29798We take it for grant - 3253599ed we know the whole55557100story.35101We judge a899102book by its cover an read9777555103what we want255104=170between selected44445lines7105106Normal Tempo=170107108109110111112113Don't2114Chorushail me and don't i -52245115dolize the ink or I've failed5242224116in my arrentions. Can you4244422117find the missing link?22242Your on -25118ly validation is in2522245119living our own life. 53242Vicar - 24120ious existence is a4224422121fucking waste of time.22242122So I send this song24412123to the offended.22422I2124said what I meant I've nev - 4244412125er pretended as so242222126many others do intend -4424412127ing just to please.2242If I22128damned your point of view, could you4424441129 turn the other cheek?22242130Guitar Solo131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147148149150151152153154155156157158159160161162163164165166167Whoa!9168169170171Don't9172Outrodamn me when I speak75245173a piece of mind, 'cause si -542952174lence isn't golden when I'm2245424175holding it inside.54245I've been59176where I have been an I've seen7759245177what I have seen.5429Put the22178pen to the paper 'cause it's2252524179all a part of me.54245Don't9180damn7me9181I said don't979182damn7me.9183I said don't121212184hail me.99185Ah,9don't9186damn me!77187188=140189=125190191192193194195Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!196197198199All right! That…200=170…sucked!201Change tuning (R)