eBGDAE1=794425434445678910111213Verse 1Such Desperation101014315Left you in shame21021617This bitter harvest101018319Bearing all the blame113012021Chorus1Man will never 030end your suffering12231023Stealing all your years103032425God is with you 1030126but won't save you31027From your Trail of Tears103032829Verse 2From this oblivion101030331Seek dignity15323233Just human cargo101034335Crying to be free336333637ChorusMan will never 1030End your suffering13831039Stealing all your years103034041God is with you1030But…1…won't save you4231043Bridge44Change it669845Gonna change it, Change it6666444666¼4748495051Solo5253545556575859Bridge609861446263Interlude7864ChorusGreed of man has pushed you over10301446531066Feeding on the fears103036768Poverty will always prosper103016931070On your Trail of Tears103037172Man will never 1030end…1…your suffering7331074Stealing all your years103037576God is with you1030But won't save you17731078From your Trail of Tears1030379805481=6582=50
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