Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

Sometimes I walk a little faster

In the school hallway

Just to get next to you

Some days I spend a little extra

Time in the morning

Just to impress you


Guess you don't notice

Guess you don't need this

why you're not seein' what you're missin'

On the outside shyin' away

On the inside dyin' to say


I'm unusual

Not so typical

Way too smart to be waiting around

Tai chi practicing

Snowboard champion

I could fix the flat on your car

I might even be a rock star

Verse 2

- same chord as verse 1

Sometimes I wish when the phone rings

That it would be you

Saying let's hang out

Then you confess

That there's something special between us

Why don't we find out




...rock star

If you only knew the real me

I might even be a rock star

I'm telling you that we are meant to be

Now wouldn't it be nice if you could see

That I really am a rock star