eBGDAE1=160642345=1606789everyone=1604444are very high442410every one4444can see the light442411everyone can cross the street2222554212everyone can go and fly2222554213some people say=1604444that is so bad442414some people say4444you ruin your life442415dont hear stupid monkeys222225216folow to me, i am the dog222255421718192021222324252627hey little kid =1604444you are so scare442428maybe you grow in other day4444442429there dont mind222the time is back554230there dont mind222the time is back554231i feel the smoke=1604444in every breath442432i feel the good4444in every take442433maybe tomorrow i wake up death22222552234maybe tomorrow i wake up death2222255223536373839404142434445Change tuning (R)