eBGDAE1=123442=123643456789101112if you are lonely6666713over the bar777614ask me one song456715i will sing it314516maybe you are drunk6666717you can be more777618hear the music456719feel the trill31452021come and get 153in122to0my house32of023blues522411225come and get 153in126to0my house32of027522855293031323334353637bring my a whiskey6666738i wanna sing777639do it fast456740i came31angry4541maybe im drunk6666742i can be more777643i feel nasty456744my mouth is hot31454546come and get 153in147to0my house32of048blues524911250come and get 153in151to0my house32of05252535455565758596061626364656667686970Change tuning (R)