eBGDAE1=100442345=1006789=10010111213i need to say=100444414something33so bad3315i dont wanna hurt2222216i 3must to say22217dont hate to me=100444418ignore to me333319dont tell a word222220could be so wrong322221i just want to leave=1005547522i dont want to go4424423i just want to leave=1005547524i dont want to go44244252627282930313233=10034353637=10038394041go, go go out=100444442where someone333see343something in you222244i am so blind322245respect=1004you deserve444446i dont gonna give3333347in a try22248i live in a lie3222249=10055475504424451=100554755244244535455565758596061626364Change tuning (R)