Hawk Nelson - Every Little Thing Chords

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I saw her yesterday,and I never felt a feeling like the one I felt today

and now she's taking over me,I've never met anyone like you,'cause I could

never find the words to write you. She's been on my mind

She's got perfect reasons, says she loves to talk to Jesus I,i,i

think I believe her when she say life can be so simple if we'd all just

learn to pray.

She's got every little thing I wanted and it still feels just like the day

it started, so say goodbye to the broken hearted and I could never express

the way I felt before tonight.

Use the same cords for the 2nd verse.

e5 F5

She's not an ordinary girl I can see it in her eyes, just an ordinary boy

God must have heard my prayer last night.

That's it,Have FUN!