Standard (EADGBE)

||| - intro

So many crazy memories of you and me

Like the time we drove to the OC

Got so lost we thought we would never get home

You know the night when i gave my heart to you

And you swore that you felt the same too

You said that you would never ever leave me alone

Out of nowhere you were gone

Into someone else's arms

Should have known that she was more

Than just a friend, all the things i never knew

But i always trusted you

Never thought that she would wind up in the end

Your new girlfriend (your new girlfriend)

[The same as first]

I believe what goes around comes around

So stay out of the deep end or you'll both drown

Even shallow water is over her head

You broke my heart but baby hey life goes on

Everything is down for a reason

Now i can see for me there's something better ahead