Capo 4th fret

Standard (EADGBE)


Walk don’t run

Don’t let them know that you’re all alone

’Cause they’ll chase you and throw you stones

just for fun, from-behind bastards

Here’s a feather, I got it from a crow

Put it on your mesh hat

I know you like to wear black

Make it straight to the nearest phone

and call me (Did you keep my number, zombie?)

’Cause I’ve been there before


and I know what you’re made of

You call her a bitch


but you wish she was right here

Tell me about how she played you like a fool, like a rookie

How you’ve never put your trust in anyone before and how you’re never gonna do it again

Then if you make sure that there’s no one around

I’ll tell you a secret, baby

You’re right, she was the one and she’s never gonna come back, she’s gone

And now you wish you were dead or at least you could fuck your brains out

’Cause there’s nowhere in the world you’ll stop thinking about her