Standard (EADGBE)


sem bateria no drum):C# - F# - G#



Letra (lyrics):

Sittin´ here all alone, I´m thinking of her

I feel like a crap, cause she´s not here as she was

And all alone, I try to do something day after day

But it´s impossible cause she´s now so far away

Phone me girl, sendd a letter, contact me anyway

I´m fucked up in my life, I gotta see her today

Why she does it? Why does she do it with me?

Now I´m feeling so bad, like i don´t wanna be

She´s the one I miss

She´s the one I want stay with

I wanna see her

And say "I love you"

I was so happy holding my girl but soon

She disapeard, without a reson to

I don´t understand her, just don´t understand,

it´s seems so estrange

First she says something, but she won´t do the same

But she nows I love her she nows I´m waiting for her

I hope she nows I´m crazy and so bored

Without her my life is not the same

She may be crazy too, she´s making me insane