eBGDAE1=944423456789It's a5310sleepless night553she's211calling your name5353It's a5312lonely ride553I213know how you want her53535A -214gain and again3535you're215chasing a dream yeah35353But216Johnny my friend3535she's217not what she seems3535Johnny B53518how much there is to5354219see3just open your eyes3542520and listen to me5420221Straight ahead53522a green light turns to5354223red3Oh why can't you see3542524Oh54Johnny B20225When you5326drive her home553She's227sittin' real cose5353Does she5328make you weak553well that's the22229way that she wants you53535You're230strung out again3535She's231takin' you over35353You've232been here before3535Why233can't you let go3535Johnny B53534how much there is to5354235see3just open your eyes3542536and listen to me5420237Straight ahead53538a green light turns to5354239red3Oh why can't you see3542540Oh54Johnny B20241424344454647484950515253545556When she5357calls your name553my258sweet Johnny B5353you can5359drive all night553and you2260know she'll be waiting53535to261love you again3535her262kiss is her poison3533full2for -263ever inside you35253where …2…-64ever you go3535Johnny B53565how much there is to5354266see3just open your eyes3542567and listen to me5420268Straight ahead53569a green light turns to5354270red3Oh why can't you see3542571Oh54Johnny B20272Johnny B53573how much there is to5354274see3just open your eyes3542575and listen to me5420276Straight ahead53577a green light turns to5354278red3Oh why can't you see3542579Oh54Johnny B20280=9281828384858687=458889