eBGDAE1Intro:=1403423456789Interlude A:10111213141516171819202122232425Verse 1:Let me2426tell you a 34227sto - ry to02428chill the bones 20029About a 2430thing that I34231 saw 23233One night2434wan - de - ring34235in the2436ev - er - glades 20037I'd one2438drink but no 35439more 24041I was 0242ram - bling enj - 22443- oying the 4244bright moonlight 20045Ga - zing 4446up at the 24547stars 44849Not a2450ware of a 34251presence so22452near to me20453Wat - ching 4454my ev - ery 34255move 05657=148Feeling 42458scared and I 32259fell to my24460 knees 061As something 44462rushed me from the34263 trees 06465Took me4466to an un34267ho - l - y02468place And2269that is where44470I fell from34271 grace 07273Then they0274summoned me44475o - ver to02476join in with20077them To the04478dance of the42479dead48081In - to the44482cir - cle of34283fi - re I02484followed them02285In - to the44486middle I was334287Rhy. Fill: led =800448889Verse 2:As if time had stopped2434290still I was numb with fear but424422091still I wan - ted to2022492go 493And the blaze of the2434294fi - re did no hurt u - pon me4442422095As I walked on - to the02222296coals 497And I felt I243298was in a trance And my22022099spirit was lif - ted from 220245100me 4101And if on - ly2433102someone had the chance to442020103witness what happened to220224104me4105And I danced and I75775106pranced and I sang with them 775753107All had death in their03578108eyes 7109Lifeless fi - gures 7575110they were undead all of them 7555755111They had a - scen - ded from=755232033112 hell 511324114=11544115116=1201016117Interlude B:44118119120121122123124125126127128129Verse 3:As I danced with the757107130dead my free spi - rit was753775131laughing and howling77533132down at me200133Below my un - dead775710134bo - dy just777135danced the cir - cle of77775136dead7137Un - til the time came to7757107138re - u - nite us both my755775139spi - rit came back7775140down to me530141I did - n't know if777107142I was ali - ve or dead as the75357575143o - thers all joined7753144in with me325145Interlude B:146147148149150151152153Verse 4:=125By luck then a skir - mish started and555535555154took the attention a - way from me 777777855155When they took their gaze from me 555535555156Was the moment that I fled 77778157I ran like hell faster than the wind 55535555158But behind I did not glance 77777855159One thing that I did not dare was to555535555160look just straight ahead 77357161Solo 1:162163164165166167168169170171172173174175176177Solo 2:178179180181182183184185Interlude C:186187188189190191192193194195196197198199200201Solo 3:202203204205206207208209210211212213214215216217Verse 5:When you know that your757107218time has come around you753775219know you'll be pre-7332220- pared for it 200221Say your last good -75710222- byes to e - v - ery - one755775223Drink and say a7332224prayer for it200225Interlude C:226227228229230231232233234235236237238239240241Interlude B:242243244245246247248When you're97249Verse 6: lying in your sleep87979when you're lying in your bed9787979And you99250wake from your dreams to go dancing with the dead777777879799When…7…you're251lying in your sleep87979when you're lying in your bed and you9787979992527wake from your dreams to go dancing with the dead 7777787979253254255256257Interlude B:=128258259260261=130262263=132264=125265266267Interlude A:=13534268269270271272273274275276277278279280281282283Outro:To this24284day I guess342285I'll ne - ver 044286know2287Just why24288they let me342289go0290291But I'll24292ne - ver go342293dan - cing no042294more2295'Til I04296dance with the200297dead0298299300Change tuning (R)