Standard (EADGBE)


I took my darling out to the aquarium

Sea creatures stared at us

And we stared back at them

My baby freaked when she peeked at that 8-legged blob with a beak

She was too scared to speak

I said don't be upset

It's only an octopus

Don't bother it and i'm sure it won't bother us

Please don't be upset my darling,

Please don't get upset

My baby came riding to meet me one time

On the crowed last car of the downtown-bound 9

She was brave but she caved

When the train was delayed

It was just the last straw in her hard busy day

I said don't get upset 'cus it's not a catastrophe

Nothing will happen and soon you'll be back with me

Please don't be upset my darling,

Please don't be upset

My gal's got a headhache,

Her ankle is hurting too

Boots she bought gave her a rash and her winsdom tooth

Is coming in and it's damp out and she's having cramps

And she's so mad at me cuz i didn't shave

I said don't be upset i know you're feeling sensitive

I'll try to be kinder and be more attentive

Please don't be upset my darling

Please don't get upset

Darling i said, i'm gonna be 27 soon

I've only got rejection letters and a sense of impending doom

I think it's too late for me

All the comic companies hate me

And i try but it's always the same

I guess my art is just lame and it's strange but

still Somehow i'm always not suiting their needs at this time

And she said ...

"don't be upset, You know that you're wonderful

Just keep on trying" and actually what she really said was

All you ever wanna talk about is your self

And your comic books and your album and your tour

And everytime i see your friends

They just ask me where you are again and it hurts

It makes me feel like dirt

I'm just gonna write where you are on my shirt

And i said don't be upset, don't be in a bad mood

Let's just go to a show and hang out and feel good

Come on please don't be upset my darling,

Please don't be upset,

I'll do anything baby,

Just don't be upset.