Standard (EADGBE)


When you're by yourself in the kitchen

What's the point of all that shopping and cooking

Sitting and eating and cleaning

So much to do, just to eat by yourself.

And when you're by yourself in a restaurant

And you put down your backpack and your jacket

You put them on the seat next to you

When you're by yourself, when you're by yourself

And when you have to go to the bathroom

You can't leave your stuff, you have to take it

You have to take your backpack and jacket with you

In the bathroom of the restaurant when you're by yourself.

And the waitress sees you get up

She sees you take your backpack and jacket

You have to tell her you're just going to the bathroom

You're not dashing out, it's just that you're by yourself.

And she asks if you're finished with that plate

And she says 'you can leave your stuff here'

And you say it's ok cause you've already got it

And you say 'leave that, I might still eat a little more'.

And when you're by yourself walking after

And you could go home or you could keep walking

And there's no reason not to keep walking

There's no reason when you're by yourself.