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eBGDAE1=1001282345678910111213Verse 1VerseThere's a red house over yonder, baby,2411203544233314Lord, that's where my baby stays.5764721534141617Lord, have mercy, there's a red house over yonder,4211000000223418Lord, that's…57…where my baby stays.1956546442021Hey, I ain't been home to see my baby,575767567522I just got outta jail'n' its…4X2X1X0X3X3…been,ah, ninety-nine'231X0X0X4X0404040one-half days, now.222332243324Hey, that's a long time, y'know what I mean ?1X0X0X1X7X2X1X1X1X1X2X25Verse 2VerseWait a minute, something's wrong,55442225342326Lord, have…74…mercy, the key won't unlock the door.271100023332433332829Wait a minute, something's wrong.554402210303(0)3333330No2the4key won't unlock this door.245¼33142424213233Hey, I got a bad feelin',5664647434Lord, my baby don't live here no…5755573…more.35334(spoken)She ain't said a damn thing about leaving either,33637Main Solo38394041424344454647484950Verse 4 + OutroVerseHey, I believe I'll go back over yonder,20000000023(0)51way back over yonder across the hill.3444205233322246335354Hey, I think I'll go back over yonder, baby,400400041113034355way over yonder across the hill.7241020023345622224232435758Hey, if my baby don't love me no more.30000400002(0)3359Lord, I know good'n'well that a,51000331her sister will.512530360Change tuning (R)
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