Capo 2nd fret

Standard (EADGBE)

Laying in the alleyway

Maybe some rich fool will come my way

And throw me a dime

That's all I need to give me more wine

All I got is to my names

And I sure know

I'm just saying "Taking care of no business"

Look it here

Hey kitty cat!

Where you going?

This part of the alley is my home

Walking all over outside my wall

Boy you sure got a whole lotta gall

I had a sandwich in a paper bag

But a rat stole it

Ain't that some drag?

Lord, I know, I know

I sure ain't taking care of no business

Break it home

Solo chords

Now I'll try to get me a job

Feeding chickens

And washing down hogs

But that meant standing up all the time

And standing up to me is just like dying

I'm so lazy that I could cry

But tears are just too lazy to fall out my eyes

Lord, lord, lord, I'm so messed up

Can't even take care of no business

Play it one more time

Aww, woe is me

Aww, I sure wish I had me a sandwhich ahhh anything

I'm so broke I can't even pay attention


Uh, I'm so poor I couldn't even give you the time