Capo 2nd fret

Standard (EADGBE)


I'd do my best to hide this low down feelin

I'd try to make belive there nothin wrong

But there always asking me about you darlin

And it hurts me so to tell them that your gone

If they ask me I guess I'd be denien

That'd I'd been unhappy all along

But if they hurt my they'd hear it cryin

Where's my darlin when's she comin home

I've ask myself a million times what's right for me to do

TO try to lose my blues that hang around for you

Well I make it pretty good until that moon comes shinin through

And then I get so doggone lonesome

Guitar solo

Time stands still when your waitin

Sometimes I think my heart is stoppin to

One lonely hour seem forever

sixty minutes more to wait for you

But I guess I'll keep waitin till your with me

Cause I believe that lovin you is right

But I don't care if the sun don't rise tommorow

If I can't have you with me tonight

Well I know I'll keep on lovin you cause true loved can't be killed

I oughta get you off of my mind but I guess I never will

I could have a dozen others but I know I'd love you still

Cause I get so doggone lonesome