Standard (EADGBE)

I know a cat named way out Willie.

He's got a cool little chick named Rockin' Millie.

He can Walk and Stroll and Suzy Q.

And do that crazy Hand Jive, too.

Papa told Willie you'll ruin my home.

You and that Hand Jive has got to go.

Willie, said Papa, don't put me down.

They're doing that Hand Jive all over town.


Hand Jive, Hand Jive, Hand Jive,

doing that crazy Hand Jive.

Mama, Mama, look at Uncle Joe.

He's doing that Hand Jive with sister Flo.

Grandma gave baby sister a dime,

said, 'Do that Hand Jive one more time.'

Doctor and a lawyer and an Indian chief.

Now they all dig that crazy beat.

Way out Willie gave them all a treat.

When he did that Hand Jive with his feet.


Hey, hey

Brief solo

Now Willie and Millie got married last fall.

They had a little Willie Jr. and that ain't all.

Well, the baby got famous in his crib, you see,

doing that Hand Jive on TV.


Hey, hey


Instrumental and fade