Standard (EADGBE)

Marble halls and chandeliers

Vestibules and souveniers

Vanity like a treasure chest

Silverware for a hundred guests

If you think it might leave you satisfied

If this is your idea of a perfect life

Take mine

Recognition in a paved drive way

Good manners and bad fruit cake

Socializing with the socialites

Wasting all my saturday nights

All these precious things money can't buy

If you wanna know what these privileges are like

Take Mine

I'm looking for highly understated little downgraded

They don't make 'em like they used too

Rough around the edges nothing too impressive

Bona fide eye tribute

I'd rather hang around some sleepy little town

With a taste for the unrefined

So if you want the high life

Take mine

Groundskeeper and a maitredee

Probably won't even ever miss me

Big parties and promenades

I never really liked to dance anyway

All these precious things don't satisfy

If you think happiness is what you're gonna find

Take mine