Standard (EADGBE)




Oh, sweetheart, put the bottle down

You've got too much talent

I see you through those bloodshot eyes

There's a cure, you've found it

Slow motion, sparks You've caught that chill

Now don't deny it

But boys will be boys

Oh, yes, they will

They don't wanna define it

Just give up the game and get into me

If you're looking for thrills then get cold feet


Oh, no I do not hook up,

up I go slow

So if you want me,

I don't come cheap

Keep your hand in my hand,

your heart on your sleeve

Oh, no I do not hook up,

up I fall deep

Cause the more that you try,

the harder I'll fight

To say goodnight

Verse 2

same as verse 1)

I can't cook no,

but I can clean

Up the mess you left

Lay your head down and feel the beat

As I kiss your forehead

This may not last but this is now

So love the one you're with

You wanna chase but you're chasin' your tail

A quick fix won't ever get you well



Cause I feel

The distance

Between us

Could be over

With the snap of your finger



end with E5