Standard (EADGBE)

There's a blue rocking chair,

sittin in the sand,

weathered by the storms,

and the well oiled hands,

It sways back and forth,

with the help of the wind,

and it seems to always be there,

like an old trusted friend


I've read alot of books

wrote a few songs

looked at my life, where it's going

where it's gone,

I've seen the world, through a bus winshield,

But nothing compares

To the way that I see it, to the way that I see it,

To the way that I see it when I sit,

In that old blue chair

Verse 2

From that chair I've caught,

a few fish and some rays,

and I've watched boats sail,

In and out of cinnamon bays,

I've let go of a lover,

who took a piece of my heart,

and prayed many times for forgiveness,

and a brand new start

(Repeat Chorus)

That chair was by bed one New Year's night,

When I passed out from too much Cruzan and diet,

and I woke up to a hunderd mosquito bites I swear

got 'em all sittin right there,

In that old blue chair

There's a blue rocking chair

Sittin in the sand

weathered by the storms and

well oiled hands