Standard (EADGBE)

Lets leave town on a permanent vacation

Lock up the house pack up the station wagon

Make paradise our final destination

As long as we're outta here

There ain't no time like the present they say

Lets cruise all the way down A-1-A

Put the top down and catch a few rays

Baby we'll be outta here


Anywhere you want to go

As long as its sunny weather

Let the time fly by I don't mind

As long as we're together

South of the border there's a place I know

Where James Taylor sang about Mexico

And the sun's so hot we'll forget to go home

Baby we'll be outta here


(verse chords)


Maybe drive to the country down to the lake

See if the catfish are jumping set our bait

And if we come up dry we'll just sleep in late

At least we'll be outta here

As long as we're outta here

Baby lets get outta here

(repeat verse chords to fade)


= x02220

Bm7 = x24232(bar chord) or 797777(bar chord)

= xx0232

= x4x232

D/F#= 200232(hold down bottom string with thumb)

= 022100

F = 133211(bar chord) or xx3211

= xx3210

= 320003

= 353333