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d#A#F#C#G#D#1I wa - nna be a=12242020582Ken-ne-dy422443I wa - nna be a420204big heart break-er42525Live fast and for2752full6 real27And you can fol - low it4202028In the pa - pers42529I wa - nna be a4202010Ken-ne-dy42211I wa - nna shake420212hands with he - roes425213And kiss the27514girls of cen-ter-folds4020215on the tongue2021617and die young2221819202122232425I'll7be726brave8to - night7427ei - ther7728live8or7die429I'll7be730brave8to - night7431Stan-ding7732tall8and7bright733 Such ro - man - tic77348 eyes7735Got me7736Hyp - no - tized87737 and if I77738had my chance I'd875739Ne-ver87let5 you740go541 and if I77742had my chance I'd875743Ne-ver87let5 you744go5454647I wa - nna be a4202048Ken-ne-dy42249I wa - nna be420250tall and hand-some425251I'd con - quer the2752full52 world253 And you could see it on42020254te - le - vi - sion425255If I could be a4202056Ken-ne-dy42257If I could be a4202058big heart break-er425259I'd watch you27560crash in - to my arms4020261we're the stars422 un - der the02062bar-rel22 of a gun20263WE DIE YOUNG5556465666768697071I'll7be772brave8to - night7473ei - ther7774live8or7die475I'll7be776brave8to - night7477Stan-ding7778tall8and7bright779 Such ro - man - tic77808 eyes7781Got me7782Hyp - no - tized87783 and if I77784had my chance I'd875785Ne-ver87let5 you786go587 and if I77788had my chance I'd875789Ne-ver87let5 you790go591 and if I77792had my chance I'd875793Ne-ver87let5 you7949559697I'll7be798brave8to - night7799I'll7be7100brave8to - night77101I'll7be7102brave8to - night77103I'll7be7104brave8to - night77105I'll7be7106brave8to - night77107I'll7be7108brave8to - night77109777110871115711287113571145Change tuning (R)
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